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RFP: 2013 Holtz Center Outreach Fellowship

by Lyn

Request for Proposals

Robert F. and Jean E. Holtz Center for Science & Technology Studies

Outreach Fellowship

DUE Friday, April 26, 2013

The Robert F. and Jean E. Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies invites proposals from UW-Madison faculty and academic staff for its Outreach Fellowship program for 2013-14.  The fellowship provides the successful applicant with $5,000 in flexible funds.

The Holtz Center seeks, as one of its key missions, to promote public engagement with questions concerning the relationship of society and culture with science, medicine, and technology.  We offer this fellowship to a faculty or academic staff member who proposes an innovative way to engage the broader community in matters of science and technology that have general social and political importance.  We are open to any possible program—from a thematic blog, to panel discussions at local libraries, to a theatrical performance, and so on.  We are particularly interested in proposals that make scholarly work accessible to broader audiences.  Proposals must involve new activities beyond the applicant’s ongoing efforts.  The financial award may be used for direct support of the proposed outreach activity; remaining money, if any, may be used by the fellow on a flexible basis.

Applications should include the following:

• The applicant’s CV.

• A description of the proposed outreach activity, not to exceed two single-spaced pages, specifying the issues addressed and the audience to be reached.

• A preliminary budget, if relevant.  If funds from other sources will be used to support the proposed initiative, these should be specified.

• If the proposed activity requires cooperation with other individuals or organizations, evidence of agreement to collaborate should be provided.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 6:00 pm Central Daylight Time on Friday April 26.  All documents must submitted in pdf format by email to  Applicants are encouraged to visit the Holtz Center’s website at for information about the field of science and technology studies and about the Center’s mission.  Questions should be directed to Associate Director Lyn Macgregor at

Outreach fellows are required to submit a brief report on their activities at the end of the project, but no more than one year after receiving the award.

Research Ethics Symposium: Responsible Research For the 21st Century, April 24

by Lyn

Ethics @
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Trust, Integrity & Ethics in Science (TIES):
A Systems Approach to Culture Change

Professor Gail Geller, Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins University
Department of Medicine and Berman Institute of Bioethics

‘Bad Apple’ vs. ‘Blame it on the System’:
Balancing Responsibility for Scientific Integrity

Professor Paul Root Wolpe, Ph.D.
Emory University
Director of the Emory Center for Bioethics

Responsible Conduct of Research:
National Issues, Local Challenges

Professor Emerita C.K. Gunsalus, J.D.
University of Illinois
Director of the National Center for Professional and Research Ethics

Commentator R. Alta Charo, J.D., University of Wisconsin–Madison
Moderator Pilar N. Ossorio, Ph.D., J.D., University of Wisconsin–Madison
and the Morgridge Institute for Research

Register here for this free event to help ensure appropriate seating capacity.

Sponsored by Ethics@Discovery, a program of the Morgridge Institute for Research, in partnership with the UW–Madison Graduate School’s Integrating Research Ethics and Scholarship (IRES) program.

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John Rudolph on WPR

by Lyn

Affiliate John  Rudolph (Curriculum & Instruction) appeared on Kathleen  Dunn’s program on Wisconsin Public Radio on March 19, 2013 to discuss the changing landscape of science education in the U.S.  Listen to the show here:

School of Library and Information Studies Announces Summer Courses of STS Interest

by Lyn

Research Data Management:
LIS 341 (can be taken by graduate students) This course prepares graduate students and advanced undergraduates (including research assistants and dissertators) to look after research-generated data (especially digital data) responsibly or to understand the issues associated with responsible data management. Assignments and activities will be tailored to students’ own disciplines and research projects. Students will at minimum leave class with a sensible data-management plan for the entire data lifecycle of one research project.

1 credit: 6/10-6/16 1-4:30 M-F

Publishing E-Revolutions!
LIS 855 (001) Book and journal publishing faces Internet-driven change on several fronts: ebooks, open access, bricks-and-mortar store woes, self-publishing, mass print digitization. This course examines how readers, authors, publishers, librarians, educators, researchers, and lawmakers are responding to these and other challenges.

WEB BASED course runs 7/1-8/25, no physical meetings.