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ISSuES Student Sridhar Part of Winning WI Idea Video Contest

by Lyn

What does the Wisconsin Idea mean to students?

Photo: Student video winner speaking into radio microphone Chancellor Rebecca Blank challenged students to create a 90-second video showing how they’re living the Wisconsin Idea. The prize: tickets to a men’s basketball game. Madhuvanthi Sridhar (left), Kai Brito, Vidushi Saxena and Tanisha Sabhaney of WSUM Radio had the right idea.

2016 Cool Science Image Contest

by Lyn

2016 Cool Science Image Contest

February 4, 2016

2015 Cool Science Image contest winners

Want to share your work or interest in science?

Send us your cool science images!

Contest submissions accepted Feb. 4 – March 7, 2016*

What we’re looking for

  • This contest is only open to the UW–Madison community. Faculty, staff and any currently enrolled UW–Madison student are eligible. Individuals or teams may enter.
  • Images can depict an object or phenomenon from any discipline.
  • We’ll accept images in any medium, such as, but not limited to:
    – Microscopy
    – Photography (astronomy, nature, etc.)
    – Animations and (short) videos
    – Medical imaging
    – Science-as-art
    – Schematics
    – Photography of your own 3D printing
  • Images will be judged on aesthetic and informational qualities.

What you could win

    • A published image! Winning entries are featured in slide shows on UW–Madison and select external web sites and venues.

Contest Sponsor

Digital Publishing and Printing Services Division of Information Technology, University of Wisconsin—Madison

Contest Sponsor

  • A valuable prize! Winners will receive a $100 Downtown Madison gift certificate (one per winning image).
  • A large format print! Winners receive a large format print courtesy of DoIT’s Digital Publishing and Printing Services.
  • Winning images will also be displayed in a fall semester exhibit at the McPherson Eye Research Institute’s Mandelbaum and Albert Vision Gallery.

How to enter
Go to this link ( to submit entries between Feb. 4 and March 7, 2016.

– See more at:

Two New Holtz Center Awards for Undergrads

by Lyn

Undergraduate Essay Contest: Science, Technology & Society

Have you written in the fall or are you writing a paper this spring on a theme related to how science and technology affect and are affected by social, political, cultural, or economic life? Are you interested in writing such a paper? Then please consider submitting your essay to the Holtz Center’s Spring 2016 Essay Competition: Science, Technology, and Society.

Appropriate applicants could include topics such as: engineering students who are thinking about the place of a technological artifact in society or in policy, biology students thinking about biological research and gender dynamics, pre-med students of all disciplines concerned about how the internet is changing health practices of different groups, English students interested in science fiction, sociology students focused on science and technology policy, environmental studies students interested in the tensions between a scientific and social perspectives on sustainability, and, Latin American Studies students interested in scientific narratives of race and racial identities. These are only some examples of possible essay topics. Let your imagination run wild, unleash your creative impulses, challenge given and established wisdom, and think outside of the box.

Here are the eligibility criteria:

  1. You should be enrolled as an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison
  2. The paper can be written as a class term paper, but should be redrafted to fit the purposes of this competition
  3. The paper can also be written specifically for this competition
  4. Papers should not exceed 2500 words (not including references)

The deadline for submitting the essays is 5 pm on Friday, March 11, 2016.

Where qualified essays are received, the first prize will be $500, the second prize will be $300, and the third prize will be $100.

Questions about the competitions should be addressed to either the Director of the Holtz Center, Samer Alatout,, or the Associate Director, Lyn Macgregor,   Essays should be submitted by email to the Associate Director of the Holtz Center, Lyn Macgregor, at


Undergraduate Competition for Research in Science, Technology & Society

we are excited to issue a new call for research proposals from undergraduate students interested in conducting research on issues important to science, technology, and society. All undergraduate students at UW-Madison are eligible for this funding opportunity including those in engineering, social and behavioral sciences, the humanities, and biological and physical sciences. We are giving two awards in this category. The maximum amount of each award is $1,000 for the student and $500 in flexible funds for the faculty advisor.

Research topics could be initiated by the undergraduate student with the support of a faculty advisor. Or, the undergraduate student could work as part of a faculty member’s research team. In either case, a very brief letter of support from the faculty advisor is required.

Here are the eligibility criteria and requirements:

  1. The student should be enrolled as an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison
  2. The research proposal should not be less than 3 or more than 5 double-space pages, summarizing the aims of the research project, explicitly stating its connection with the themes of this competition and the goals of the Holtz Center
  3. A very brief supporting note from the faculty advisor on the project
  4. A one-page budget
  5. Proposals are accepted for work to be done during the spring semester or the summer of 2016
  6. A brief report from the student, not to exceed two pages, is due one month after the conclusion of the research project. The report should include the student’s reflections on the research project and its conclusions.

The deadline for submitting the proposals is 5 pm on Friday, February 26, 2016. Results will be announced on Monday, March 21, 2016.

If you have any questions about the application process or proposal writing, please contact the Director of the Holtz Center, Samer Alatout,, or the Associate Director,

Please submit your research proposals and the supporting document from the faculty advisor to the Associate Director of the Holtz Center, Lyn Macgregor, at