Congratulations to the most recent round of winners of Holtz Center Grad Student Travel Funds.  The winning proposals represent a wide variety of destinations and topics.  The next round of applications for Summer/Fall 2017 travel is due April 1.

Danya Al Saleh (Geography) will travel to Qatar conduct an institutional ethnography of Texas A&M in Qatar (TAMUQ), a U.S. branch campus established in 2003 that specializes in mechanical, petroleum, chemical, and electrical engineering.

Travis DeWolf (Food Science) will be presenting his research on the theoretical foundations of a geographic study of the microbiome at the Association of American Geographers in Boston.

Amanda Friz (Comm Arts) will  attend the National Communication Association meetings in Philadelphia to present her research on the rhetorical strategies scientists use to communication with the public, taking the 2012 Flame Challenge as a case.

Robert Lundberg (Nelson Institute, Law School) will travel to Germany to present his photographic series Bearings at the Leiden University Centre for the Arts’ “Landscape: Interpretations, Relations and Representations” conference.

Eric Nost (Geography) will attend the “A Community on Ecosystem Services” meetings in Los Angeles to study the use of predictive modeling in ecosystem services-based policy.

Molly Simis-Wilkinson (Life Sciences Communication) will present a paper on stakeholders’ perceptions of media coverage of the 2014 West Virginia water crisis at the Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting.

Adam Talkington (Sociology) will present his research on autism spectrum testing at the National Communication Association meetings in Philadelphia.

Stephanie Velednitsky (Geography) studies the role digital manufacturing producing the ecological relations of industry and landscape, particularly in the case of water access in Israel. She will be presenting her research at the Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference in Lexington, KY.