Professor Jo Ann Oravec published in the “Technology in Society”

Professor Jo Ann Oravec, member of the Holtz Center, was recently published in the “Technology in Society” (Elsevier).

Kill switches, remote deletion, and intelligent agents: Framing everyday household cybersecurity in the internet of things


Increasing utilizations of kill switches, remote deletion, and intelligent agents as a part of “Internet of Things” (IoT) architectures present emerging cybersecurity and privacy challenges. These issues are compounded in complexity by the frequent updates and other controls instituted by the growing assortment of purveyors of household IoT devices and systems. This paper proposes that aspects of user ownership, awareness, and voice be clarified and in some venues fostered in part to expose as quickly as possible potential technological and social dangers. It addresses rights of household participants to obtain knowledge and control over the intelligent IoT agents operating (and perhaps “quartering”) in their personal and intimate spheres, as well as to be free from inappropriately opportunistic applications associated with IoT systems.

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