Matthew Berland joins the Holtz Center to foster connections in a cross-disciplinary way

Matthew Berland joined the UW-Madison faculty in 2013 and is currently an Associate Professor of Digital Media in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Berland studies socio-technical processes, by-and-through, which people learn computational literacies. Using mixed-methods design-based research, he designs, implements and studies contexts, tools, museum exhibits and games. He utilizes these to foster communications, collaboration, creativity and construction to fully understand how people and groups learn complex, connected content.

Professor Berland recently joined the Holtz Center, because he believes that “we cannot study technology without understanding and interrogating it in context”. He finds that the talks, connections and opportunities provided by the Holtz Center make it possible to better support our students, research and teaching in a connected, cross-disciplinary way across the UW-Madison campus.

Please join us in welcoming Professor Matthew Berland to the Holtz Center.