2018 Call for Applications: Top-Up Fellowships for Recruiting Graduate Students

The Holtz Center announces its 2018 competition for top-up fellowships for admitted graduate students. The fellowships are designed to help recruit graduate students who plan to work on topics in science and technology studies, construed broadly. We will offer up to five two-year fellowships. Each fellowship totals $4000 distributed over two years.

These awards are open to incoming students in any department that includes faculty who are members of the Holtz Center. We expect departments to use these awards to help recruit their most promising applicants, and these awards should supplement rather than replace other types of funding.

Students who accept these awards will be expected to attend the Holtz Center brown bag series and are encouraged to take the introductory graduate seminar, STS 901, as well as participate in other Holtz Center activities.

To nominate students for the top-up competition, please submit a single PDF file of each student’s complete admissions packet by email to sts@ssc.wisc.edu. In the text of the email, briefly explain the relevance of the student’s interests to STS. The email must also describe the funding package being offered to the student, including nominations for University Fellowships. The deadline for submissions is Thursday, February 15 at 5:00 pm. Departments are welcome to tell prospective students that they have been nominated for these awards, and that decisions will be announced by late February.

The Holtz Center will announce a second round of top-up fellowships in the spring for current Ph.D. students.
If you have questions, please contact Lyn Macgregor, Associate Director, Holtz Center, at lyn.macgregor@wisc.edu.

2018 Fellowship Announcement

2018 Top Up Fellowship Poster