Summer Teaching Opportunity in STS/History of Science at Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) is a summer program for gifted and talented middle- and high-school students who are looking to enrich their educations in a fast-paced academic setting over the summer.  We offer three week intensive courses at 24 locations around the United States and in Hong Kong where students can study everything from neuroscience to astrophysics to law and politics to superhero fiction.

This summer, we are bringing back one of our popular history of science courses: Newton, Darwin, and EinsteinThe course uses Newton, Darwin, and Einstein as familiar entry points for students interested in science and the history of science to discuss historiographical questions and look at how paradigm shifts have taken place in scientific and philosophical communities throughout history.  By reading works like The Structure of Scientific Revolutions or essays by Nietsche and Plekhanov, students will grapple with questions like What are the risks and value of studying “Great Men”?, What role does science play in society?, and What is “history” and how can we use it to better understand “science”?  This spring, the instructor for this course will have the opportunity to work closely with CTY to develop the course in preparation for the summer.  A sample syllabus for this course can be found online by clicking here.

CTY is currently looking for a professor or graduate student who would be interested in teaching Newton, Darwin, and Einstein at our summer program located at Johns Hopkins University this summer in Baltimore.  This position will provide candidates with the opportunity to work on curriculum development as well as provide them with the equivalent of one semester’s worth of instructional hours per three week session.

The dates for this course are July 14 – August 4.  Salaries for instructors start at $2,400 per three-week session and increase based on experience and qualifications.  Room and board are provided at the site for the duration of the program.  For those interested, there are other courses and sessions available prior to July 14, including our Epidemiology and Science and Public Policy courses offered at our program at Princeton University.

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