New Member Profile: Caroline Gottschalk Druschke

Caroline Gottschalk Druschke is Assistant Professor of Composition and Rhetoric in the Department of English, who regularly collaborates with a variety of humans and fish. Druschke’s research and teaching fuse ecological field methods, feminist science studies, and Amerindian perspectivism to explore rhetoric’s trophic dimensions. Funded by the National Science Foundation, National Park Service, and US Environmental Protection Agency, Druschke’s peer-reviewed research is published across disciplines in venues including Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, Technical Communication Quarterly, Environmental Communication, and Biological Invasions.
Gottschalk Druschke has only been a member of the UW-Madison faculty for less than a year. But she’s already made strong connections. She states that she came to the Holtz Center through it’s people, “smart thinkers and curious humans who embraced my radically cross-disciplinary approach”. As she’s gotten deeper into both rhetorical studies and the environmental sciences in her career, Caroline has become acutely interested in whether and how perspectives from science studies can be used to critique — but also constructively complicate, enliven, and enrich — the actual practice of science. She feels that the Holtz Center is the perfect place to pursue those interests.

Caroline Gottschalk Druschke, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, English – Composition & Rhetoric
@creekthinker on Twitter