Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment Proposals Due November 12

The Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment is a competitive grant program that fosters public engagement and the advancement of the Wisconsin Idea, the notion that the knowledge and solutions generated at UW-Madison will benefit the people of Wisconsin, the nation, and the world.

Proposals are encouraged for new outreach and public engagement activities that partner with community and off-campus organizations to extend and apply our research, education and clinical knowledge to help solve problems or take advantage of opportunities.

The Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment supports the development of:

New and innovative projects
New dimensions to existing translational outreach
Public engagement activities
Community-based research
The grant program honors the legacy of Ira Baldwin and Ineva Reilly Baldwin and their deep commitment to the Wisconsin Idea. Learn about the Baldwin family.

Priority will be given to projects for which other funding sources (such as research grants, corporate support) are not available or are limited.

Funds are not intended to:

Duplicate existing outreach projects
Provide bridge funding for established programs
Replace activities that are a part of a unit’s normal operation
Support the development of new undergraduate or graduate courses or student recruitment programs including pre-college programs

Due November 12, 2018

To apply: