Call for 4S Papers: Classic STS Papers, Re-incorporated, Reimagined, Re-enacted

Holtz Center affiliate, Nicole Nelson, and Queen’s University philosopher, Sergio Sismondo, are organizing a panel for 4S 2019 called “Classic STS Papers, Re-incorporated, Reimagined, Re-enacted.” See the description below, and consider submitted to this open panel!

For this panel, we invite presenters to return to “classic” STS papers, and to reflect on the value of doing so for advancing scholarship and building community in STS. Classics might be papers recognized as such. Or, they might be papers that are not part of standard narratives of the field but should be incorporated or re-incorporated into these narratives—recognizing that while narratives can celebrate the collective and cumulative nature of scholarship, they can also marginalize or exclude.

In remembering earlier moments in STS, we ask presenters to explore how those moments can be usefully or interestingly recalled today. We hope that presenters will not only engage with their chosen paper, but will also devote some of their time to freshly delivering parts of it. Such re-enactments might commemorate the contributions of particular scholars, or be performances intended to trouble existing categories or narratives in STS. By engaging with past scholarship through re-enactment rather than citation alone, we aim to foreground the performative aspects of citational practices, making clear how the meaning of a classic paper shifts as it is read aloud by a different speaker, in a different venue, in a different historical moment. In so doing, we aim to create space for thinking about how earlier moments in STS might be productively re-staged as we collectively shape narratives of the field’s trajectories.

Due February 1, 2019

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