Barcelos joins Holtz Center to connect and collaborate with other interdisciplinary scholars on campus

Chris Barcelos is an Assistant Professor in Gender and Women’s Studies and has been on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus for more than two years. Chris recently joined the Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies to “connect and collaborate with other interdisciplinary scholars on campus who are doing critical work on science and technology”. Chris is also a member of the Collaborative Center for Health Equity

Chris is a broadly trained social scientist and community-based researcher whose intellectual and political home has long been in feminist studies. Chris’ research uses ethnography, discourse analysis, and visual methods with the lenses of feminist science studies and queer of color critique to examine how scientific discourses in health promotion both reveal and reproduce inequalities along the lines of race, class, gender, sexuality, nation, and ability.

Chris presented a well-received brown bag to the Holtz Center and its membership in fall 2018. “Queer Barriers: Safer Sex Technologies and the Politics of Risk” combined archival and interview-based research with the lens of feminist science studies to interrogate the politics of queer safer sex technologies.

The Holtz Center is super thrilled to now have Chris as an regular member of the center and its mission to promote innovative work and interdisciplinary work on the UW-Madison campus.














Connect with Chris Barcelos:

Twitter: @ChrisABarcelos