Lott joins diverse membership of the Holtz Center

Dylan Lott is an anthropologist who recently joined the diverse membership of the Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies. Lott explores the relation between culture, mind, body and brain through the lens of specific human societies. This includes their histories, languages and practices. Lott is currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Center for Healthy Minds and has been a member of the UW-Madison campus for the past three years. His current research examines the psychophysiological effects of long-term meditative practice on the aging process and end of life measures. Lotts upcoming research will entail working closely with monastics, physicians, caregivers, and other members of the Tibetan community in India and Nepal. He will study the impact of these practices throughout grieving and dying. His research will lay the groundwork for a longer term, multi-site, cross-cultural investigation.

Lott states that he recently joined the Holtz Center to “join a community of scholars working together to understand the profoundly complex ways in which science and technology shape and are shaped by social and historical forces and to explore the implications for humanity’s conception of itself”. The Holtz Center is thrilled to have Dylan as a member of our diverse community – welcome.








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