Shiyanbola hopes to connect with others to advance “the integration of science and technology in innovative ways”.

The Holtz Center recently welcomed several new members to its membership, including Pharmacy’s Olayinka Shiyanbola. Shiyanbola is an Assistant Professor in the School of Pharmacy’s Social and Administrative Sciences Division, where she has been on the faculty for the past six years. In addition to now being a member of the Holtz Center, she also currently serves as a member of the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine Roundtable on Health Literacy.

She joined the Holtz Center earlier this year, because she would like to engage with other interdisciplinary faculty and staff on campus who are working towards advancing the integration of science and technology in innovative ways. Shiyanbola’s research interests align appropriately with the vision of the Holtz Center, to ensure that science, technology, and social science can be bridged towards improving medication use, health outcomes and human health.

Professor Shiyanbola is a trained pharmacist, with a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical socioeconomics, which she earned from the University of Iowa. Her personal research seeks to understand patient perceptions and roles in mediation use and advance the use of patient-centered interdisciplinary approaches to improve medical adherence, health literacy, health disparities and high-quality care.

Shiyanbola’s interests are focused on developing and implementing tailored medication use interventions for under-served populations. She utilizes digital technology tools that engage and empower under-served patients, providing education, motivation and behavioral skill development towards improved adherence.









Connect with Professor Olayinka Shiyanbola:
@ShiyanbolaLab on Twitter