ISSuES Certificate: A Certificate Designed with Engineers in Mind

The Integrated Studies in Science, Engineering, and Society Undergraduate Certificate Program (ISSuES) offers undergraduate students an opportunity to interact with the social sciences and humanities in a way that emphasizes the relationship between science, technology, engineering and society.

ISSuES is a certificate designed with Engineers in mind.

ISSuES was designed to help engineering and natural science majors fulfill their liberal arts requirements, but is highly flexible and is available to all undergraduate students interested in exploring the complex interplay between science, technology, engineering and society.

Students enrolled in ISSuES will:

  • Take interesting courses from across campus that will encourage them to think critically about the connection between science, technology and society.
  • Get help choosing courses to fulfill the liberal arts requirements of their majors and their own personal educational goals.
  • Have one-on-one contact with leading faculty from across campus.
  • Interact with students and faculty interested in the broader impacts of social, political and ethical concerns related to engineering.

Engineering Undergraduates enrolled in ISSuES will:

  • Use their required electives to gain the interdisciplinary skills necessary to become creative and effective engineers in a rapidly changing environment.

ISSuES Certificate Program Brochure

ISSuES Program Flyer