Call for Editorial Board Members — Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society

Call for Editorial Board Members
Bulletin of Science Technology and Society
Editor: Jeffry Will, University of North Florida, USA

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Editorial Board

Peer Review: This is an integral part of being an Editorial
Board member and is essential for spreading the mission of
the Bulletin. Editorial Board members will be expected to:
• Recruit potential contributors for BSTS
• Review at least 2 manuscripts per year
• Identify additional reviewers for BSTS
• Provide for content where appropriate

Journal Ambassadors: Board members should act as
ambassadors for the journal, sourcing potential authors and
readers, as well as potential subscribers in their region. They
can also encourage their students and colleagues to read and
cite the journal.

Editorial Strategy Advisors: Board members can be a huge
source of inspiration and advice and in the development of
the journal. To that end, Board members will be asked to
participate in at least one annual Board Teleconference, to
provide input into the future strategy of the journal,
considering such topics as:
• What do they see as the direction for the journal? Is it
meeting the needs of the scholarly community?
• Competitor comparisons—what are they doing well?
• Ideas and innovations—what is the future of scholarly
• What is working? What is not?

To submit your application, please send an email that
includes your letter of interest, CV, and areas of interest to
the Editor, Jeff Will, at

BSTS Editorial Board Call for Members

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