Holtz Center funding helps Ipsen release recent publication

Colorado State University’s Annabel Ipsen, recently released her latest publication, with support from the Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies. “Repeat Players, the Law, and Social Change: Redefining the Boundaries of Environmental and Labor Governance Through Preemptive and Authoritarian Legality” was published earlier this year (January 2020), and was funded in part by Holtz Center support, when Ipsen was a graduate student in Sociology at University of Wisconsin-Madison. She graduated with her PhD in Sociology in 2016. Ipsen was one of the Holtz Center’s Top-Up Fellowship recipients in 2015.

Her research interests include political economy, global food systems, environmental sociology, international development, and law & society. Ipsen is currently on the faculty at Colorado State University as an Assistant Professor. She was previously a Fulbright Scholar in Mexico and also held a postdoctoral position at Michigan State University. Her work focuses on how place-based assets can contribute to development in global agriculture. She is particularly interested in how technology, regulation, and place shape production processes and development outcomes across the Americas.

Each spring, the Holtz Center offers up to six fellowships for continuing graduate students with research interests in the field of science and technology studies. The current deadline for applications is April 1.

Ipsen’s publication was also supported by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies Program, the Graduate School and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education, with funding from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and the National Science Foundation under Dissertation Improvement Grant number 1334375.

Colorado State University’s Anabel Ipsen