Lo joins Holtz Center community to encourage knowledge-sharing across disciplines

The Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies recently welcomed its newest member, Adeline Lo (Political Science), to its roster earlier this year. Lo joins the Holtz Center and it’s growing membership – approaching 100 members. Shortly after joining the UW-Madison faculty in the fall of 2019, Lo quickly became a member of the Holtz Center to collaborate with other STS colleagues across various disciplines and interests on her new campus in Madison.

“I love learning with and from colleagues across disciplines, and want to be a part of a community that encourages this type of knowledge-sharing”, shared Lo.

The UW-Madison Department of Political Science welcomed Lo to their faculty at the beginning of the academic year. Lo, who also is the Glenn B. & Cleone Orr Hawkins Chair, has research interests that include the design of statistical tools for predication and measurement for applied social sciences. Her research efforts surround high dimensional forecasting, particularly in application to conflict and with the usage of unstructured data. She also explores the measurement of challenging quantities of interest in and factors that traditionally motivate intra-state conflict. Additionally, she examines topics surrounding post-conflict processes — such as refugee flows and the societies that receive them.

Assistant Professor Lo received her PhD (2016, Political Science) from the University of California, San Diego and her Masters degree in Politics from New York University (2011). Lo received her Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia University.

Her research has allowed her to work with and construct tools for observational, text, and experimental and network data. Her published work can be spotted in several prestigious journals and publications, such as the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Comparative Political Studies, and Nature.









Connect with Adeline Lo:

Email: aylo@wisc.edu
Phone: 608-263-2024
Twitter: adelineylo