New ‘My Body, My Chart’ course offered by iSchool’s Arnott Smith

If you are exploring a career in health information or have similar interests in academia, industry and librarianship, students should consider a new online course from Holtz Center member, Professor Catherine Arnott Smith.  Arnott Smith, who is a faculty member in the Information School has developed this online, asynchronous course, that is scheduled to begin summer 2020 (session DHH, June 10-August 9). STS students may be interested, as this will also appeal to those interested in critiques of technology in society.

Catherine Arnott Smith, Information School

My Body, My Chart: The Electronic Medical Record Past, Present and Future (LIS 340/640) is a three credit course that will run online for eight weeks from June 10-August 9, 2020.

The first of three units provides an overview of electronic medical record (EMR) content, standards and major industry players. The second explores the historical origins, contemporary impact on organizations, and scientific uses for this technology. The third and final unit centers on challenges of EMRs for consumers, patients, and caregivers: enabling access to personal medical record content, and tensions around privacy.

Arnott Smith explores both consumer health informatics and the history of medicine through her research. She also teaches courses on: Information Divides and Differences in a Multicultural Society (LIS 202) and Digital Health (LIS 517).

For more specific details on My Body, My Chart: The Electronic Medical Record Past, Present and Future, review the draft syllabus online. Or, contact the instructor directly at