Religious Studies’ Rock-Singer joins our community of STS scholars

This spring, Cara Rock-Singer is completing her first year as a faculty member in the UW Religious Studies Program. This new assistant professor, specializing in North American Religions, also joined the Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies (STS) during her initial year on the UW-Madison campus.

Her research explores the relationship among gender, Judaism, and science in the contemporary United States. Her book manuscript, Gestating Judaism: The Corpuses and Corporalities of American Jewish Feminisms, critically examines how American Jewish women in the United States and Israel deploy gendered technologies and knowledge to challenge normative structures within Jewish social and religious life.

As her scholarship centers on both religion and science, Dr. Rock-Singer opted to pursue membership with the Holtz Center shortly after she arrived at UW-Madison. “My work engages with a range of STS literature, particularly feminist scholarship on embodiment and biotechnology”, she shared. “I am excited to be part of a community of STS scholars at UW-Madison”. Our center is also thrilled that she has decided to join us and connect with all of the other outstanding STS scholars at UW-Madison so early in her academic career.

Professor Rock-Singer received an AB in Molecular Biology from Princeton University and an MSt in Theology from Oxford University. She joined the UW Religious Studies program after completing her Postdoctoral Fellowship in both the Jewish Studies Program and the Science and Technology Studies Department at Cornell University.

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