Jeon receives best paper award from SSSP

June Jeon, a Holtz Center affiliate from the Department of Sociology recently received the 2020 George W. Smith Best Paper Award from the Society for Studies of Social Problem (SSSP) Institutional Ethnography division, one of its twenty-three divisions. Jeon recently received his joint PhD from Sociology and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. He had a PhD minor in Science and Technology Studies with the Holtz Center and received a certificate from the Center for Culture, History, and Environment.

His paper, “Invisibilizing Politics: Accepting and Legitimating Ignorance in Environmental Sciences” was published in Social Studies of Science in 2019.

As the recipient of this award, Jeon received a $100 award, a recognition plaque and a student SSSP membership.

Jeon’s interests include sociology of science and technology studies (STS), general sociological theory, ethnography and environmental sociology. He will be joining the Tisch College of Civic Life at Tufts University, as a postdoctoral fellow in Civic Science.

The Society for Studies of Social Problem promotes and protects sociological research and teaching on significant problems of social life. SSSP publishes Social Problems, one of the leading refereed and most widely read social science journals in the United States.