Newman brings his science communication niche to Holtz Center

Earlier this fall, Todd Newman presented over our newly-formatted STS lunch seminar series. His well-received virtual seminar shared original evidence about how the United States public and scientists both view the brand of science and offered various methods for which the scientific community can strategically think about these. He has developed his niche, centered around science communication.

The Holtz Center is further delighted to welcome Newman to our community, as another talented member of our STS scholars. As an assistant professor of Life Sciences Communication for the past three years, Newman’s research focuses on the role of strategic communication with the context of science, technology and environmental issues. The Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies is a logical gathering place for Newman to connect with colleagues throughout campus focusing on similar issues. Newman states that he is “excited to be a part of the different seminars and networking events that the Center offers”.

Newman examines the communication processes that shape how the public comes to understand these issues. And then how scientists, journalists and other experts communicate with and engage the public community. In addition to science communication, he is involved in a number of projects focused around frameworks from consumer psychology (marketing and branding) and how these can provide insights into how that scientific communication connects to our changing society.

If you are interested in joining our growing community of colleagues interested in science and technology studies, please reach out to Lyn Macgregor with your current CV and a brief summary outlining your involvement with STS.

Connect with Todd Newman:
@tpn1818 on Twitter