Becoming-Feral – Call for Submissions, extended to Feb 1

becoming-Feral is a creative research publication which aims to investigate the complex relationships between human/other-animals and the shifting categories of wild/feral/domestic, set within landscapes constantly being altered by global transformations of climate and capitalism. We are interested in exploring reciprocal and responsive multispecies reactions to the act of becoming-Feral.

becoming-Feral will curate a prismatic and multifaceted perspective on our understandings of other-animals and their ‘wildness’ through the form of a bestiarum vocabulum (book of beasts). We invite creative contributions from anyone: zoologists; scholars; researchers; historians; scientists; poets; naturalists; artists; activists.

This book is being co-edited by our STS colleague, Alexandra Lakind and will also be created as part of a broader “Feral Worlds” research group that is starting during the spring semester. The group is based out of the Center for Culture, History, and Environment, featuring UW-Madison graduate students, Addie Hopes, Sabrina Manero, Emery Jenson, and Laura Grotjan.

They are seeking static and multimedia contributions for both a print- and digital- edition.

Full description of the call and submission details

Submissions can be made on this online form by Friday February 1, 2021

Please contact the editors if you have any questions regarding the call-out, publication, or research-creation project, including any guidance or initial feedback on your submission concept. email: