Holtz Center awards 16 STS mini fellowships to UW grad students during pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted our graduate students’ lives in every way possible. Their experience as a UW-Madison graduate student has been turned upside-down as the pandemic, restrictions and schedule changes have interrupted their research and transformed their teaching responsibilities. Many positions on and off of the UW-Madison campus have also been eliminated.

As the situation with the pandemic continued to evolve over the fall semester, so did the Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies. The Holtz Center strived to alleviate some of the challenges and financial burden that UW-Madison graduate students experienced this year. During these transformational and challenging times, the Holtz Center offered STS Mini Fellowships to UW-Madison graduate students who were engaged in STS-related research during the pandemic.

The Holtz Center typically awards small grants each year for STS-related research and conference travel. With travel opportunities limited, the center instead solicited applications for $2000 Mini-Fellowships. The winners, representing disciplines across campus, are below.

The Holtz Center is offering a similar funding opportunity to STS graduate students during the spring semester of 2021. Students conducting STS-related research should be sure to check out all of the Holtz Center’s spring funding opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Fall 2020 recipients included:

Aida Arosaie (Anthroplogy)
Kallista Bley (Geography)
Sarah Frank (Sociology)
Amy Gaeta (English)
Haein Kim (Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies)
Laura Livingston (Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies)
Siddarth Menon (Geography)
Amanda Pratt (English)
Margaret Early (Sociology)
Angela Serrano Zapata (Sociology)
Kassia Shaw (English)
Kathryn Simmons-Uvin (Art)
Patrick Walsh (History)
Liyang Wang (Curriculum & Instruction)
Yiping Xia (Journalism & Mass Communication)
Liangfei Ye (Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies)