Holtz Center helps Hutchins collaborate — impact of new technologies & use of science in public policy-making

The Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies is thrilled to have welcomed Assistant Professor, B Ian Hutchins to its roster earlier this academic year. Professor Hutchins is a new faculty member in the Information School, but has spent many fond years on the UW-Madison campus. He completed his undergraduate studies in the Genetics Department and received his PhD in Neuroscience later in 2009. Prior to returning to campus he worked as a data scientist at NIH, where he developed the iCite scientometrics service and the NIH COVID-19 Portfolio to track and disseminate cutting-edge COVID-19 research.

He transitioned from being a participant in the biomedical research enterprise, to finding ways to enhance this system in order to better improve human health. Hutchins joined the Holtz Center early on in his career as a member of the School of Computer, Data, and Information Sciences, because he states, “I’m looking forward to being connected with like-minded colleagues who are studying the impact of new technologies, and ways to facilitate the use of science in public policy-making”.

His current research, in service of the need for informed options in decision-making, has focused on leveraging data and information science approaches to study scientific advance, and enhance our capacity to intelligently improve the research enterprise. The new assistant professor studies information networks to identify successful translation of basic biomedical research into clinical results, and from these learn how to accelerate discovery.

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