Bernardo Caamal Itzá on WORT FM’s 8 O’Clock Buzz

Our Science & the Public series will present Tech(k)nowledges in Dialog: Indigenous Wisdom and Global Productivity on Thursday, March 7, 2024. This will include a panel discussion followed by a screening of the award-winning documentary Maya Land: Listening to the Bees

Bernardo Caamal Itzá is a Mayan activist, the protagonist of Maya Land and one of the panel members for this event. Brian Standing interviewed him on WORT FM’s 8 O’Clock Buzz. Katarzyna Beilin, who directed Maya Land, joined Bernardo to translate and comment.

Listen here

They discussed beekeeping as it relates to Mayan culture, resisting corporate monoculture, and Bernardo’s career in radio in Mexico. He mentions that many indigenous people in Mexico grow up speaking their own indigenous languages, and if they learn Spanish, is a second language for them. By becoming a radio personality, Bernardo has been able to use his platform to elevate indigenous knowledge about the environment in the Yucatán, Mexico.

To learn more, attend the upcoming panel!

Poster for panel.