Science and The Public

The 2019 Science and the Public series included:

March 8, 2019
6:00 – 10:00 pm
Madison Children’s Museum
100 North Hamilton Street

Apocalypse WOW: An Adult Swim Event

The end of the world has never been this much fun. Join us for a party for preppers and the people who ponder them, including a Brief History of the End of the World with our panel of guest experts.

Also enjoy: apocalypse crafting, survival trivia, Ultrazone Laser Tag, live music



“Science and technology move at a rate that creates social and political problems faster than we know how to handle them– but tailoring science and technology to certain limits is not possible. Research moves without reference to limits.  If we don’t go ahead, someone else will. There is a need for nontechnical people to develop a better way to handle the resulting problems.” — Bob Holtz

Bob Holtz believed that everyone in contemporary society needed to be better equipped to make informed choices about the advances in science and technology rapidly unfolding around them. The Holtz Center’s Science and the Pubic Series brings scholars from many fields together with members of the public to discuss some of the most pressing questions about the impact of science and technology on our society. Each year, the Holtz Center’s steering committee selects a topic or question and invites visiting speakers from a variety of perspectives to share their insights in a public forum.

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