Grad Student Awards Coversheet

by Lyn

Holtz Center for Science & Technology Studies

AY 2017 Graduate Student Awards Cover Sheet


Name: ____________________________________________

Graduate Program and Degree Sought: ________________________________

Dissertator Status   ____No ____Yes (date achieved __________________)

Faculty Advisor: ______________________________________

STS Minor?: ____No   ____Yes

I am applying for the following program(s):

__ Travel Funds (up to $1000 for travel during the winter/spring of 2016-17, open to all grad students)

Summer/Fall Cycle Only (Due April 1):

__ Top-Up Fellowship Program, 2017-19 ($2000 a year for two years, open to all grad students)

__Holtz Summer Scholars ($2500-$4000 to support research during the summer of 2017, open to STS minors only)


For all awards, please add the following to the coversheet and submit as a single PDF file:

1) A description of the planned research program, explaining connections to STS topics, literatures and methods, along with a timeline for the period of the fellowship or explanation of the travel to be conducted (not to exceed two single-spaced pages, even if you are applying for more than one award)

2) A current curriculum vitae

3) A current UW unofficial transcript

4) An approximate budget if you are applying for a travel award

5) A brief letter of recommendation from the candidate’s faculty advisor or other faculty member familiar with the student’s record and interests, sent to



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